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Giveaway #1

By crazy4mac · February 25, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I have decided to split the giveaway into several parts so that more people stand a chance to win something! So this is the first set of items I am giving away. :)


(Oh gosh, I am so blur! I forgot to include this in my photo!) *many apologies*

(I wanted to do something fun w/o having you ladies to go through a lot of trouble so here's what I came up with.)

So here's what you ladies have to do to win the set above! ^^ 

1. Look at these two pictures

* I am so sorry for that "dangling" falsies! T hit my eyes with the camera while taking pictures and off the lashes came! :(*

2. Look closely at the 3 main colours (Blue, Purple and Teal). I picked the blue from a palette and so I'll just need you to guess the name of the palette used. Whereas the purple and teal used are single e/s so I'll need you you guess both the brands and their exact names. 

Here are some hints:

Blue - Affordable and *ahem* sooooooooooooooooooo spoilt for choice + auspicious

Teal - favourite brand + limited edition + really old + MUG + Sephora

Purple - favourite brand + limited edition + rather recent

3. Leave me a comment in the following format:

Blue: Name of Palette -

Teal: Brand -

          Name -

Purple: Brand -

              Name -

4. All participants have unlimited tries and the first to guess all 3 correctly will win the giveaway!

5. All dear, I totally forgot about this. LOL. Participants have to be a subscriber to qualify for this giveaway. :)

Everyone please participate ya?

* The teal colour is really really hard to guess so here's I shall be really really really lenient and give a BIG BIG hint. "Right click and Save picture as......." *

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OK DO I guess all my choice in a single comment or all in one comment??

Blue: Name of Palette - 88 palette

Teal: Brand - MAC
Name - Big T

Purple: Brand - MAC
Name - Purple shower

posted by

God, I never used eyeshadows before >_>
But I'm gonna give it a shot.. All this is based on swatches found online. LOL.

Blue: Name of Palette - 88 palette

Teal: Brand - MAC
Name - Prose and fancy

Purple: Brand - MAC
Name - Purple Shower

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