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LOTD: Retrospeck & Satin Taupe

By crazy4mac · July 2, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Long time no see ladies!!! I an so sorry I went Missing-In-Action for such a really long time!!

Firstly, my lap top was down for a couple of weeks! My laptop struck the "crazy flickering screen" disease and when I went down to the Fujitsu Service Centre to have it serviced, I was told that they did not have stocks for the part I needed. And well, I had to wait for a whooping 2 weeks before the part arrived. Secondly, I decided to impose a one month make up ban on myself and I was and still am pretty sure that blogging will weaken my resolve not to buy any make up products so I stayed away. Lastly, I was really really busy with work, work & more work. But well, now I am back!!!

I did really well for my self-imposed makeup ban! I didn't buy any makeup products for well over a month and I only broke that ban recently because the BF went to HK. During that month, I really dug into my stash and I rediscovered my love for a couple of "old" favourites. 

Anyway the whole point of this entry is to feature a look that I am so in love with right now. I think this is a fabulous everyday look that's not too subtle and not too over the top (at least that's what I think!).

So here are some pictures of a LOTD that I created using some of my "old" favourites namely, mac retrospeck & satin taupe.

(picture with flash)


(picture without flash)

(picture of all the eyeshadows used in this look)

I basically applied satin taupe all over my lids with a MAC 217 brush then I applied my highlight which is vanilla over my brow bone using a MAC 224 brush. After which, I used a SASA flat shader brush to pat on retrospeck on the inner half of my lids. Once that's done, I used a brandless mini smudger brush to smudge some print e/s onto my upper lashline to "fill in" my lashes. Then on top of print I applied urban decay oil slick liquid liner and the look is completed.

I totally forgot how much I used to like retrospeck in the past. If I didn't remember wrongly, retrospeck is my 3rd MAC e/s and I used to go GAGA over it because it was (still is) such a versatile e/s. I can layer it on top on almost any colour and still get away with it. I really dislike MAC's lustre formula due to its poor pigmentation and "fall-outs" problem but this particular lustre won my absolute love and devotion. (*ahem I know I am not that faithful since I was eventually led astray by other eyeshadows. But I swear I was really devoted as long as the devotion lasted. LOL!)

Anyway, here's a swatch of retrospeck just in case you ladies are interested in it. :)

I guess that's about all for this entry. :) And I think I shall be back for my lotds that feature older products from my stash because I had loads of fun with this one! I hope u ladies enjoyed it as much as I did! :)

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hey babe.. u knw what.. i was just thinking i havent 'seen' u in awhile.. haha.. & then you posted this.. what a coincidence.. lol ;)

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Isn't it lovely that you hit pan on couple of those shadows?

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Very Pretty

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that's a super pretty look!!!!

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Gorgeous!!!! Luv!!!! :)

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haneyanie: LOL! That's quite a coincidence AND it's awfully sweet of you to "think" of me. hahaha!!! I sound so egoistical!

redberried: Yes! I am really please with those "patches of silver", the bigger the patch the better! ^^

0fasionqueen, carrothead & fuschialeader: Thanks a load lot ladies! :) I am really loving this look lately. I sincerely feel that retrospeck rocks! lol. Do check it out if you are on a hunt for another new shadow to add to ur collection!

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I really like this look. like it's neutral, but not boring.
you actually make me wanna buy the colors you used!

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Love the combo on you. I was in lust with Satin Taupe & hunted it at so many MAC counters before I found it last night.

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Very Beautiful Look. I love it. I will have to try this for my party tonight.

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chocfull: Oh thanks for leaving such a lovely comment. I am glad u managed to get hold of Satin Taupe. It's one of my all time favourite! :P

AKFashionista: Oh thanks! I would love to see the look you created! :)

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