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Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals B.B Cream

By crazy4mac · November 18, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

I have been using the Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral B.B Cream for over a week now and I think I am pretty much ready to review it so here's my humble evaluation. :) 

Name of Product: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals B.B Cream

Cost: $16.90 (Usual Price) [I actually bought it from JL when there's a 20% storewide discount, so the tube cost me about $13.50. :) Anyway JL will be having additional 20% and double rebates from the 19th of November to 22nd of November for members. :) So you ladies may want to check this item out then.]

Volume: 18ml

The Product Claims:

"Our Instant Skin Perfecting Cream is a perfect blend of 8 mineral ingredients. The unique earth colour shade instantly improves and perfects your skin: 

1) Brighten skin: visible whitening effect

2) Covers imperefections: reduce the appearance of pores, skin redness disappears

3) Moisturisers + Protects: all day hydration + helps to protect skin from UV rays and free radicals" 

My Review:

My review will be split into 3 parts. The 1st part will contain my thoughts on whether the B.B Cream fulfill its product claims. And the 2nd part will contain my opinions on the other remaining positive aspects of the B.B cream. Finally, I will talk about what I don't like about the B.B Cream.  

1st Part

Basically, this B.B Cream promised to help achieve 3 effects (as above): brighten, covers and moisturises+protects. And, in my opinion, this tiny tube of product actually delivers what it promised!

1) Brightening Effect: This B.B cream does a really good job of brightening my skin tone. It really add radience to my skin w/o making it look frosty. However, the downside is that the effect is not long lasting. The brightening effect will actually wear off after a couple of hours. I did a mini experiment and found out that the brightening effect can be prolonged by setting the B.B cream with some loose powder/ pressed powder.

2) Coverage: This skin perfector has fairly decent coverage for a B.B cream. It definitely helps to reduce the appearance of redness but it's not so helpful when it comes to covering up pores. If I have to rate its coverage upon 10, I would give it a 7.

3) Moisturising Effect: Definitely not a very moisturising product in my opinion. If you are looking for a B.B cream for a dewy look, then this Maybelline B.B cream is definitely not for you. This product will give you a "matte" glow instead of a dewy shine. I'll definitely advise people with dry skin to apply moisturiser prior ro the B.B Cream.    

2nd Part

This B.B Cream is great for people with normal and oily/combination skin in my opinion. It actually enables my complexion to stay matte for a long period of time. Even my T zone area remained oil free after several hours of wear. I really like the formulation of this B.B Cream because it's not oily at all and the cream feels very light on my skin. The product has a watery and non-sticky texture and so it spreads VERY easily making application a very easy task. Plus, it's absorbed into my skin very quickly and I have yet to observe any sliding effects whatsoever.  

3rd Part

I think this B.B Cream is sooooooo expensive! There are only 18ml of products in tiny tube so I think that it will be used up in no time. I never fail to be amazed at how light the tube feels whenever I reach for it. lol.

I also don't like the way Maybelline packaged this B.B Cream. As mentioned early, the cream is very watery so when I open the cap with the mouth of the tube facing downwards, products will actually start to drip out of the opening. Also due to its watery consistency, I tend to squeeze out more products than needed.

Lastly, I think that this series of B.B cream is VERY lacking in its range of shades. In fact, it only has one shade available. Hopefully, Maybelline will launch other shades that cater to different skin undertones soon.   


I really like this B.B Cream a whole lot. I love it so much that I believe I am ditching my tinted moisturiser until the entire tube is used up. Everything about it is great except for its price. It's a tad pricey in my opinion. So if you don't mind the cost, I'l definitely recommend checking this item out. Fortunately for our poor pockets, John Little is currently having 20% storewide discount. In fact, JL will be holding a special 4 days event, from the 19th to the 22nd, which offers JL member additional discounts and double rebates! So for ladies who are interested in the B.B cream, do get ur JL card ready. :P              

Product: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Price: 3 out of 5 stars

Packaging: 3 out of 5 stars

Would I buy it again: Yes, I would!

PS: Has anyone tried the Silky Girls, B.B Cream? I think Silky Girls' ones are so much more affordable but I am not so sure about their effects.

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Wow great review! (: would like to ask though, is this bb cream one shade for all?

posted by

littlefrozengirl: Hi! Thanks! I think this bb cream will suit fair to medium/medium dark skin tone but for darker skin tone, I feel that it's too pale. The cream will settle into the skin can adjust to various skin tone within a certain range. :)

posted by

I think it's a little tad pricey for that kind of amount. :p

posted by

indeed the price~ but seems worth a try if buy at sales~
thanks for the review XD

posted by

oooo thanks for the info babe (:

posted by

heavenlygorgeous: I am definitely with you on that.

forensia: You are most welcome, babe! :)

posted by

littlefrozengirl: No problem at all! :)

posted by

You just made me wanna try this.. but only because JL is having 20%+20%. =D

posted by

eyelashwish: Haha u r right. I wouldn't have gotten this if not for the JL 20% discount too. :P

posted by

you do good reviews!!! awesome! Haha! I was planning to get this too but seeing the shades were so limited (unsurprisingly) so i skipped.. good review girl! kudos to you!

posted by

That's sooo sweet of you! :) Thanks for dropping such sweet comment, I really appreciate it. Yes, they have too little shades. I think Maybelline is probably try to "test the water" before launching a full range?

posted by

Hi! How does this fare against the Korean brands? Like the MIssha, Hanskin or Etude BBs?

posted by

That's really a great review! :D

posted by

You know, I have to say this is a very good review. But you should come to Indonesia because this thing sells only USD$3.6-4!!! I bought it for USD$4 though, but then I saw another store selling it for USD$3.6

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